HHN Talk with Speculation Matt Episode 3

March 26, 2021 — Join your host, Speculation Matt, as he takes a look at the new HHN30 Orlando Speculation Map and the potential HHN Lite Hollywood Speculation Matt! Hear his thoughts on the changes to the Orlando event, and also hear what he has to say about the potential Hollywood event!


Hello and welcome back to HHN Talk with Speculation Matt. I am your host, Matthew Prevor, and today we’ve had to make our first change of plans due to some announcements. Well, sort of. Before we get into that, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @hhnspeculationmatt on Instagram and @speculationmatt on Twitter. Last week I said that today we’d be discussing the HHN Light event from last year in Orlando. However, the incredible folks over at HN Nightmares on Twitter have dropped an all-new Speculation Map for both Orlando and Hollywood, so we’re going to dive into that map for HHN 30 and then we’ll finish off by talking about the map for the possible HHN Light event coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. And the reason I said announcement earlier is because well, these are kind of like announcements for the HHN community because these guys are spot on. So be sure to go check them out.

All right. So let’s start with Orlando. Oh, and once again, I should point out that there will be spoilers for some of these houses. So first up, the most notable change to the HHN 30 Speculation Map is that Billie Eilish has been replaced with Creepshow. As I said last episode, I did not think this was going to happen. But I guess I should have connected the dots when Greg Nicotero, who is one of the producers and directors for the Creepshow TV series on Shudder was in that Puppet Theater Captive Audience video from back in October. He was probably obviously there to discuss Creepshow with the creative team. So this is rumored to be in the Shrek feeder, which is where Billie Eilish was supposed to be and this is where Killer Clowns from Outer Space was at HHN 29.

There are a couple rumors going around that the plan was always to do Creepshow until Billie Eilish became a possibility. And then Orlando obviously jumped on that and they were forced to changed. There are also rumors that the house was going to be the exact same design as the Creepshow house in Hollywood in 2019. However, it would obviously be tweaked to fit the Shrek feeder. So it will be interesting to see if Orlando does change anything. Also, there was a rumor that while it will be a different house, it will follow the exact same stories that Hollywood had.

So I was actually very lucky and I was able to head on out to HHN Hollywood in 2019 to experience this maze. Out there, it was located in one of the tents on the backlot that you pass when you go on the studio tram tour. And I thought this was actually one of the scariest mazes at the event. Obviously, tons of black walls but that’s what Hollywood is sort of known for at this point, but still a very solid maze with some really cool scares and some great scenery as well. The façade was absolutely incredible. It was this giant comic book with the creep like hanging on it. And then you went into the maze and you entered the five Creepshow stories that were featured. Some were from the movie and others from the new TV show. The stories were Father’s Day, The Crate, They’re Creeping Up on You. Those three are from the 1982 movie. And then Gray Matter and Bad Wolf Down from the 2019 series on Shudder. I am not 100 percent sold on the rumor that we’ll be getting the same stories because since HHN 2019 in Hollywood, we’ve actually had brand new episodes for this show on Shudder. So maybe we’ll get some of those new ones. Maybe they’ll stay the same. We shall see. Overall, though, I am very excited for this house. I think it has a lot of potential. And since this is really the only house they have to work on, I know they were going to plus a couple of the houses and I’m sure they’re going to check them out, just make sure everything still looks good throughout the months up to the event, but this is really the only house they have to work on, so I think it’s going to be a very, very detailed house.

As for the rest of the houses, they are still all the same. We have Universal Monsters, The Bride of Frankenstein Lives, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Revenge of the Tooth Fairy, HHN Icons Captured, Welcome to Scary, Horror in the Heartland, The Wicked Growth, Realm of the Pumpkin, Puppet Theater, Captive Audience, the Haunting of Hill House, Beetlejuice and now Creepshow. If you want to hear my thoughts on all those houses besides Creepshow, then be sure to check out my last episode. The only difference now besides Creepshow is that we have a ‘the’ in front of Wicked Growth and now we have the ‘Welcome to’ in front of Scary. However, I believe they will still be the exact same houses that were planned before that. These are just now the full names.

So onto the scare zones. We have a few changes here in regards to locations and names. However, they are still the same themes that we discussed last week. In Plaza of the Stars when you walk in, we still  have our 30th anniversary zone. In the New York area of the park, we now have the unknown original. In the San Francisco area of the park, we now have Creepshow so I guess we will be getting double the Creepshow. So it will be interesting to see if that stays or how that’ll work. Which will be the movie? Which will be the TV show? Will they both cover both? We shall see. In Central Park, we have Terror [Quentis] and finally, in the Hollywood section of the park, we have the Best of Scare Zones Mashup. If you want some more detail on what characters might be in those zones, what I think will be in those zones, be sure to check out our last episode.

Finally, we have our live shows. There was nothing on the last map, but here it says that we will be getting a fountain show of some kind. Like I said in the last episode, I assume this will be some kind of 30th anniversary show. My guess is – and this is all speculation – but my guess is the icons will be the host or at least Jack the Clown, and then they will introduce each intellectual property for their own segment in the show, and then I’m sure there will be a 30th anniversary icon some sort of like grand HHN finale. So that is the brand new HHN speculation map. I posted this on Twitter but for those who did not see this, I will share my house hype list with you now, my far too early hype list.

I’m going to go from what I’m most excited about to least excited about. So I have HHN Icons Captured, Welcome to Scary, Horror in the Heartland, The Wicked Growth, Realm of the Pumpkin, Puppet Theater, Captive Audience, the Haunting of Hill House, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Creepshow, Beetlejuice, Universal Monsters, The Bride of Frankenstein Lives, and Revenge of the Tooth Fairy. My list will almost definitely change as we get more information about these. And the last three are the ones I chose to be in those spots because well, I’ve already experienced those houses at HHN Light last year. Creepshow and Texas Chainsaw are where they are because I’ve already seen Creepshow in Hollywood and especially if it’s going to be the same stories, it’s going to be the lowest on the list as far as new houses for this year. And Texas Chainsaw Massacre is where it is because we just saw that at HHN 26. And more, I am very excited to see how these houses come together in new locations and even a new coast. I have seen versions of these houses before so I’m far more excited for houses I have never seen in any capacity before. And once again, if you want to hear my thoughts on those other nine houses and what could possibly be in those, be sure to check out my last episode.

So now we have scare zones for my hype list. Once again, we’ll be going to what I’m most looking forward to, to what I am least looking forward to. So we have The Best of Scare Zone Mashup, Terror Quentis, 30th Anniversary Zone, The Unknown Original and Creepshow. Again, this will most likely change as we learn more about what these zones will feature. I could see myself honestly spending every night I go in the first three zones I mentioned simply because I’m a sucker for anything with old HHN characters. I can’t wait to see the icons in the street and get photos with them. I really want to see the Terror Queen cos I’ve never seen her before. I can’t wait to see what scare zones will be in that mashup zone. So I know people are saying Body Collectors or Damp or maybe even some IPs like killer clowns. I cannot wait to see what they come up with for those three zones. And I’m more excited to see the original than Creepshow because we already have Creepshow content somewhere else in the event. I just saw Creepshow in 2019 in Hollywood. So I feel like that’s a lot of Creepshow. And Universal always kills it with their original content, so I’m just a little bit more excited to see what that original is than Creepshow.

Moving on from Orlando, we are now going to take a look at the speculation map for the HHN Light event for Universal Studios Hollywood. The folks over at HHN Nightmares are saying that there will not be a normal Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood this year. This is just due to the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing and they are really just starting to get their creative team back. So real quick for those that do not know, HHN Light was the event that happened in Orlando last year just after the event got canceled. Essentially, the park is open for regular daytime operations during the Halloween season, so September through October, and on top of it just being open, we had two haunted houses, a tribute store, some special food and drinks around the park. So imagine that just in Hollywood. And maybe no store cos I don’t think they’ve ever had a tribute store in Hollywood.

So taking a look at the map, the two houses are The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween 3, Season of the Witch. Then we have one scare zone, which is something Orlando didn’t have, so I think that’ll be really interesting. And right now the only information we have for it is the gauntlet zone. So let’s just get into the details here. First, we have the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is located in the extended Mummy queue. This was the location for Killer Clowns from Outer Space at HHN 2019 in Hollywood. If you want to hear my thoughts on this property at HHN, be sure to check out my last episode, [??] [00:10:43] for Texas Chainsaw. However, I will say that Texas Chainsaw is a great property for an HHN Light that is going to be all IP driven because it’s something that everyone knows and it’s also a property that a lot of people have experienced, especially in Hollywood. Leatherface has been at HHN Hollywood six times since 2007. So I don’t think a lot of people would mind missing out if the conditions don’t really allow for them to visit the park. And I think this will also be very detailed, considering the history of the Mummy queue. I don’t know if you guys got to check out Killer Clowns  in that location. It was fantastic. Probably the best maze at HHN 2019 last year in Hollywood. And hopefully, if conditions allow and they are letting non-California residents into the park, hopefully, I’ll be able to get out there and compare Orlando’s version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maze this year to their version.

Up next, we have Halloween, Season of the Witch, which is located in the Water World queue, which was home to House of 1,000 Corpses at HHN 2019. This is the only movie in the Halloween series to not feature the famous slasher, Michael Myers. This is more of a witchcraft movie than a slasher movie. However, there are rumors that John Murdy, who is the creative director of HHN Hollywood – huge fan, by the way – was going to find a way to make Michael part of this story. I think this would have been…I think this is going to be really interesting to see how Michael Myers is incorporated. But I also see why it has to be done. Halloween 3 is not necessarily a very popular movie. It’s one of those cult following type movies. But if you bring Michael Myers into the equation, you can make some really cool marketing. You have to remember that Universal has actually said that the plan is to have Halloween Horror Nights in 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood. However, it’s seeming less and less like that is going to happen like a full-fledged event. So they have to make up for it somehow. So I can see them doing some really cool marketing where they put up this giant poster and it says, Universal seasonal Halloween entertainment featuring two of the most terrifying slashers, then with large pictures of Leatherface and Michael Myers. And I think then you have a line out the door of horror fans, HHN super fans, who just want to be scared and just experience some of that West Coast HHN. And also with those two big properties, you’re going to get random people who maybe are just in the park one day and they’re like, “Hey, I’ve heard of that movie before. Why don’t I go check this out?” So we will actually be out at Universal Studios Hollywood tomorrow at the time of this recording for their Taste of Universal event. So keep an eye out on our social media pages for any HHN construction that we see while we are there. I know there’s a bit going on at the Mummy queue and the Water World queue, so that’s where these rumors are really coming from.

So now onto that one scare zone that we have. Here it just says Gauntlet Scare Zone, as I mentioned earlier, and this is to be located in the Parisian Courtyard area, which is in the middle of the park. This is where Holly’s in Hell was at HHN 2019. A gauntlet zone is essentially an open air maze. So you are walking through a place with different walls and sets. You’re in an enclosed environment but there’s just no roof, so you’re enclosed from the sides. We know nothing about this zone. There are some rumors going around that it’ll be the Walking Dead because they have all those props and costumes from the now closed Walking Dead attraction just kind of sitting around. But there’s just no way to know so we’ll see what happens with that. Obviously, a lot can happen between now and September, but for now, this is all that will be happening on the West Coast. Once the park really opens, guests will be able to get back on the studio tram tour and see if any work is being done on the soundstage that they use for the event and they will also be able to see if any work is being done in the backlot. John Murdy, the creative director, as I mentioned, for Hollywood, he has been teasing fans like crazy on Twitter. So who knows? He always refers to HHN as a monster. And he posted a couple weeks ago a picture of Frankenstein. He said, “The monster always survives.” So we’ll see how the monster survives. Will it be in an HHN Light version or a normal Halloween Horror Nights? We’ll just have to wait and see.

So that is all for the speculation map for Universal Studios Hollywood. I’m sure more maps will be coming from both parks once we get more information, so stay tuned for episodes on those. Hopefully, we’ll be getting another house announcement from HHN 30 in Orlando very soon and once the park opens, expect something to come out about HHN in Hollywood. So be ready for that. They said that there would be some sort of announcement when the park reopens. But for now, thank you so much for joining us on this episode. Sorry it’s a bit of a short one. We will be traveling out to California. Hopefully, you’re now even more excited for HHN 30 and hopefully, you’re happy to see that something is happening in Hollywood. So be sure to join us for our next episode where, unless something else happens and we have to change plans again, I will be discussing my experience at HHN Light last year at Universal Studios Florida and I’ll also be breaking down the three houses that opened at that event. So that is Universal Monsters, The Bride of Frankenstein Lives, Revenge of the Tooth Fairy, and Beetlejuice. So join us for that and don’t forget to check us out on Instagram and Twitter @hhnspeculationmatt on Instagram and @speculationmatt on Twitter. Thank you again for listening and I will see you in the Fog.